Lab News

May 2022

Alex and Drew conducted a week of field work (along with Em Donahue and Than Boves) in the Cayman Islands collecting blood and parasite samples from kingbirds and Common ground doves.

Welcome to the lab Callie Beaird-Campbell! Callie is working under an ABI Summer Internship to research duck lice and insect mites.

April 2022

Alex and Paige presented their research at the CREAT@ASTATE research symposium at Arkansas State. Congrats to Alex for winning the Best Graduate Student Poster Award!

March 2022

Congrats to Alex for receiving a Chapman Research Grant from the American Museum of Natural History! He will use the award to study the population genetics of Loggerhead Kingbirds in the Caribbean.

Alex, Paige, and Drew presented their research at the Association of Southeastern Biologists Annual Meeting in Little Rock, AR. Congrats to Paige for her Outstanding Student Poster Award!

January 2022

Welcome to the lab undergraduate students Jasmine and Mikayla! They will be working on identification and genetics of mites that parasitize insects.

Congrats to Paige for receiving a SURF undergraduate research fellowship from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education! Paige will use the award to study genetic diversity of lice she collected from birds in Arkansas.